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Our Programs We offer lessons in : Piano, Guitar, Vocal, Violin, Music Theory, Harmony History, Analisys and Pedagogical Training.We welcome students of all levels and all ages.
Our Programs After 20 years of experience, we know that each and every student has his / hers personal goals they want to achieve in their music studies.
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The founder and  Professional Director of  Roy  Music Centre Ltd. , Ms.  Polina  Rom  holds a Master Degree in Music  and Bachelor of Education Degree.  Ms. Rom obtained  her education in Russia and Europe. She teaches  Piano , Theory , Harmony, Music History and Pedagogy. Her teaching career spreads over 40 years, in countries over the world. Ms. Rom has developed a unique method of teaching piano.

Excellent results in short time  is the focus of her approach.

Many hundreds of students have graduated under her instruction.  Some of them became piano teachers and teach in her school. Her love for music is a driving force in the learning process of her pupils.  Her dedication and commitment are inspiring and encouraging   towards achievements and self- improving. As one of her many graduates Nancy Lou wrote”…Polina’s rare talent, exceptional patience and  superb professionalism are very         rare among teachers … The quality of her teaching is outstanding . On the human level Polina has become my mentor and a  role model…”

Our teachers

Our teachers are an integral part of our school and it's success. These are hand-picked, highly professional, experienced...

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Our Director

The founder and Professional Director of Roy Music Centre Ltd. , Ms. Polina Rom, has been teaching piano for the past 40 years.

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About Us

Roy Music Centre Ltd. is one of the more familiar and established landmarks in the Greater Toronto cultural and educational scene...

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