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Our Programs We offer lessons in : Piano, Guitar, Vocal, Violin, Music Theory, Harmony History, Analisys and Pedagogical Training.We welcome students of all levels and all ages.
Our Programs After 20 years of experience, we know that each and every student has his / hers personal goals they want to achieve in their music studies.
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Our teachers are an integral part of our school and it’s success. These are  hand-picked, highly professional, experienced and dedicated  individuals, whose  main concern is the well--being of their students. “….I want to commend you for running such an important and successful school….Your staff of teachers is absolutely first- class! ” ( Gerett Kavanagh, a parent).

Our teachers are highly educated and possess Master in Music degrees  from most prestigious universities around the world. Our younger staff are our joy and pride - they are our former students, who came to us 20 years ago at the age of 5, and after taking lessons with our senior teachers for many years , graduated with the ARCT Diploma at Royal Conservatory of Canada. These talented individuals are very successful in teaching the young beginners, while our senior staff are specializing in intermediate/advanced level students.

But, whatever the case is, MUST LOVE KIDS is our most important criteria in hiring!

Our teachers are very bondable and loyal. Some of them are teaching at our school from day one! They are always communicating with the parents,regularly updating them about their children’s progress.We believe that success can be only achieved if the “triangle” of Parent/Student/Teacher will  work in harmony with each other.

Our teachers

Our teachers are an integral part of our school and it's success. These are hand-picked, highly professional, experienced...

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Our Director

The founder and Professional Director of Roy Music Centre Ltd. , Ms. Polina Rom, has been teaching piano for the past 40 years.

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About Us

Roy Music Centre Ltd. is one of the more familiar and established landmarks in the Greater Toronto cultural and educational scene...

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